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Sun GlassFish Web Stack is the de facto Web tools that run the world's Web pages. The most widely used tools, Apache HTTP, PHP, and MySQL Community (LAMP and SAMP) are joined by up-and-coming Web technologies like lighttpd, Python, Ruby, and PostgreSQL as well as related technologies like Squid, mod_proxy, mod_jk and memcached. These world class technologies are pre-built and configured to run their best, and are further enhanced to take advantage of modern Concurrent Multicore Technology (CMT) systems, and security and developer features from Sun like DTrace, ZFS, Zones, SMF and more. With optional support for Java™ (with GlassFish Application Server and Apache Tomcat), MySQL Enterprise, Sun Java System Web Server, and Sun Java System Web Proxy Server, the Sun GlassFish Web Stack can handle Web sites of all sizes and requirements.

What’s inside
Sun GlassFish Web Stack provides, enhances, and supports the LAMP and SAMP technologies you rely on including:

Scalability and Performance
Sun GlassFish Web Stack is tuned and compiled for out-of-the-box performance. Under some work loads more than 10% more simultaneous requests and faster overall performance can be achieved over the non-optimized components.

Compatibility Testing
Each Sun GlassFish Web Stack release is tested against the most popular Open Source applications, including wikis, photo galleries, blogs, and more to guarantee that the server components work exactly as expected.

Integration with Solaris and OpenSolaris
Sun GlassFish Web Stack is fully integrated into OpenSolaris for easy installation and updates. It also supports the security features of Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris to provide an easy way to get a secure Web deployment. Support for Sun technologies like Solaris Management Framework (SMF) and ZFS make administrator's jobs easier by allowing them to quickly take advantage of these powerful tools to manage their infrastructure.


Multiple Operating System Support
Using Sun GlassFish Web Stack on multiple platforms provides a consistent set of servers, with consistent support offerings, from Sun. Regardless of the Operating System used the same high quality server software delivers the best possible performance.

More Than The Core
At the center of any LAMP or SAMP installation are the Apache HTTP Web server, MySQL Community Edition database, and PHP scripting language. Yet a modern Web deployment often has needs more than these tools. Sun GlassFish Web Stack provides the most popular of these technoligies including lighttpd, memcached, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Squid, and more.

Be Involved
Sun GlassFish Web Stack is created by the OpenSolaris Web Stack project. The OpenSolaris Web Stack project participates in the up-stream Open Source projects that provide the software in the Sun GlassFish Web Stack. The OpenSolaris Web Stack project also produces its own Web related Open Source projects. We welcome your participation in our community.

Documentation and Useful Links
Product Documentation contains Sun GlassFish Web Stack release notes, programmer’s guides, and the installation and administration guides.

Visit the Sun GlassFish Web Stack Web page to find product updates, specials & promotions, add–ons, and information about partners.

Sun Developer Network contains valuable information for developers about all Sun products and technologies. Look for the latest developments and technologies from Sun.

Contact Sales to purchase entitlements, technical support contracts and media kits.

Contact Technical Support for assistance using Sun GlassFish Web Stack.

The Sun GlassFish Web Stack user's forum is a public gathering place for users and developers of Sun GlassFish Web Stack.


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